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Contrary to everyone's beliefs,
there are some wounds
that really never heal
and simply remain as wounds forever,
never to scar,
never to scab,
forever to stay

And they stay on your body, bleeding permanently
and gravity forever drowns it
bringing it closer and closer to the ground
It's much more painful
because the wound is still open and now there is no more hoping
that the blood could ever stop flowing
and forever it flows
down, down, down,
as it sinks into the ground

Pristine flags of surrender forever to be stained
with the permanence of wounds and the pain
and the disdain 
but the civilians are always the ones being blamed
and they always tell us that there is no other way
but with each and every cursed day,
they all think they can tell me what to say
Each one of us are always eager to fain for rain
but not for it to rain water, no
we are always ready for it to rain pain

as it tumults its way out of hijacked planes
and just because we are a lot of times lucky enough to be across the sea,
we never see the paint of war staining the land
and most of us are lucky
and rest easily at the top of the food chain,
never having to live in fear
of being slain in vain
just because of the cruelty of the world

Countries and lands and nations upon nations
are being stolen and rioted to their demises
in the back of our minds,
we always think about it
we always, always wonder and think 
that if our soldiers were to fail,
if our last line of defense were to fall,
doom would come to us all

Because there are children of war
coming home gowned in the paint of the battle,
with missing parts and pieces
and hearts without beating,
with flags to cover their battled skins
to show that what they died for
is bloodstained just like their mutilated bodies

And the reason that some wounds never heal
is because the body they rest upon could be murdered before it even gets the chance

And for whatever reason that is still unknown,
we live in a world
where each flag is stained with blood
and every land
is painted
with the paint of war

Stains that cannot be bleached,
paint that cannot be covered,
and wounds 
that will never 

This is really dramatic in my opinion, but I needed something to post. I'm guessing and hoping that it's clear what this is meant to be about, but it probably isn't. Oh well.
Michel-le-fou Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Professional Writer
I'll just suggest to remove the 1st line and say "some wounds never really heal."
EmbraceTheDisco Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Damn. Very touching.
And yes, the message was clear enough.
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